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High school baseball players have many options available to compete at the collegiate level which include the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA).

In the highly competitive world of collegiate sports, you need to set yourself apart and give yourself the best opportunity to get the attention of college coaches. Many student-athletes are talented and have the ability to play sports in college yet are never discovered thus missing out on the opportunity of playing at the next level. Here at Champion Collegiate Recruiting, we partner with you and champion your recruiting cause by displaying to college coaches the recruitable player you are.

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Recruiting Tip
What we are looking for is a high quality student-athlete. Someone that is fully committed to academics and to athletics. We look for high level talent - this is where there is a lot of assumptions. To me, there are five areas of talent - the physical (the body), the mental (the mind), the skills (for the sport), then the two most overlooked are work ethic and competitiveness. I look at all aspects and if I put a recruit on a scale of 1-5, I’m trying to find someone that is a five in all areas. Obviously, this is a challenge, because most coaches
(I believe) are looking for the same. I like hard working kids that are truly competitive, so the last two are important to me. I’ll usually take a chance on a kid like that, even if they are lacking a little in other areas. Some intangible stuff for me is real passion or love for the game and someone that is enjoyable to be around. I like to go to events early and watch how a kid comes to the park and watch how others intermingle with them. The same holds true for tournaments - I like to see kids that have finished playing in the event hang around to watch more of it because they really want to be there. I really like kids that want to come to Castleton and want to be part of what we are. Kids that don’t want to be at your college, usually don’t become anything special. Having someone that really wants to be there gives them the chance at becoming very good (it’s just a matter of time).
Ted Shipley | Head Coach | Baseball | Castleton State College

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